If your bin cleaning business is currently utilizing an email marketing strategy, it is important that you keep reading, and stay informed on these upcoming changes.

If you still need to integrate email into your garbage can cleaning marketing plan, continue reading about how Clean Bin Marketing can help your bin cleaning business.

Now, let’s get into the important email marketing details you came here for.

Garbage Can Cleaning Marketing, What is the Problem?

Garbage Can Cleaning Marketing Email Deadline

To help fight against the constant spam email that many people face, Google and Yahoo! have created several new restrictions that must be followed by businesses that send out bulk emails.

And these changes aren’t happening in the far-off future, as starting February 1st, 2024, if you don’t comply, your garbage can cleaning marketing campaign may be marked as spam or even blocked.

Here is what you need to know if you want to avoid your email marketing strategy being rendered useless:

Avoid Spam Complaints at All Costs

Garbage Can Cleaning Marketing Spam Email Stat

A quick way to have your email marketing campaign marked as spam is by having a spam complaint rate above 0.3%.

If you see that a member of your email contact list never opens your email after multiple attempts to contact them, or if they frequently “bounce”, it is a good idea to remove them, as they are likely to report your email as spam if they do ever decide to open your email in the future.

Make sure that you have an easily accessible unsubscribe button, which unsubscribes with just 1 click, and doesn’t make recipients have to jump through hoops.

Never purchase an email list, which is sure to get many spam complaints as recipients had never shown any interest in your garbage can cleaning business or products prior.

Not Every Email Marketing Strategy is Affected

Garbage Can Cleaning Marketing send emails often

While these changes are primarily targeted at businesses that send 5,000+ emails a day, everyone should take notice.

If you are only sending a few hundred emails every other week, you are much less likely to see your legitimate emails unfairly blocked.

However, that doesn’t mean you should just ignore these necessary updates. Depending on the success of these changes, they could potentially become mandatory for all business emails sent, and you can get ahead of it by becoming compliant right now.

Authenticate Your Marketing Campaign Emails

There are several different ways that you can use your domain to authenticate your emails and avoid them being marked as spam. 3 main records can be updated to do this:


Verifies the senders’ servers and domains and authorizes them to send emails for your business.


A digital stamp verifying an email from your business.


Prevents other companies from spoofing your emails. It tells providers how to treat emails that don’t pass SPF and DKIM.

Most Common Email Marketing Platforms

If you are looking for more information on these upcoming changes and how they relate to your specific platform’s email marketing strategy, your email provider has likely provided additional information on how to update your settings within their platform, as Constant Contact did here.

If the above all sounds confusing, don’t worry. Your IT and email hosting team will understand these terms and can make sure to update them so you can stay in compliance.

Garbage Can Cleaning Marketing Email Strategy

Garbage Can Cleaning Marketing Newsletter

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When you sign up for any of Clean Bin Marketing’s SEO packages, sign up for Constant Contact and we will send out your monthly blogs as email newsletters, to make sure that your audience doesn’t miss the latest information from your business.

WebID Program

The Clean Bin Marketing WebID Program is able to turn your website visitors in leads, and you can easily connect to your Constant Contact account, creating an automated email marketing campaign to follow up and convert your newest contacts.

This method is low cost, and perfect for any trash can cleaning business looking to gain an edge on their competitors by using the latest technology and tools for their business.

If you have any follow-up questions or wish to get started on an email marketing strategy for your business, contact Clean Bin Marketing today.

Garbage Can Cleaning Marketing Email Strategy