If you have used Google’s search engine recently(which most of us do), you have certainly noticed the latest feature: AI Overviews. Using their own Artificial Intelligence, your Google searches will now prominently present AI answers to a majority of queries, and what every garbage can cleaning marketing agency is most intrigued by, is they have also begun inserting paid ads into these overviews.

Is This Good For My Garbage Can Cleaning Business?

The finalized version of this feature is still yet to be determined, and Google even refers to this as somewhat of an “experiment”. After just a week of its initial rollout, they then announced additional features, including inserting advertising and using AI to share information on behalf of businesses, which any garbage can cleaning marketing coordinator would be apprehensive about.

While you can generally trust AI Overviews to give you a basic understanding of your questions and queries, there are major reasons to worry about how trustworthy this information is. For example, Google trained its AI using the plethora of responses from Reddit users, which led to…interesting responses like using glue to make a pizza.

Why Is Google Doing This?

The primary reason Google is doing this is to keep internet users on their search engine. With the most popular artificial intelligence being ChatGPT, Google wants to keep people from inserting their basic questions into a competitor and remain on their search engine where they can still serve sponsored results.

This aspect is encouraging for garbage can cleaning business running Google Ads or looking at their web traffic, as it may lead to an increase in searches that might otherwise have stayed within ChatGPT.

Should I Expect Immediate Changes?

Google is known for making big changes to its search platform, including suddenly reevaluating how they rank websites. However with the enormous spotlight on this latest AI Overview feature, and people already finding ways to disable it in favor of trusting organic results, Clean Bin Marketing doesn’t expect Google to fully launch and effect any PPC ad campaigns in the near future.

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