When looking to grow your bin cleaning business and build a large, loyal customer base, it’s important to make use of every advantage you can. Have you gotten into the mindset of your customers and built an experience catered to them? Here’s how you can use core website design principles to increase customer loyalty and trust in your bin cleaning business.

Avoid Misleading Links or Buttons

Whether it’s an honest mistake or an intentional fake-out, no website visitor will be happy when they click on a link to view your mission statement but are instead taken to an order form. Whenever you make significant changes to your website, ensure that all your links are still intact. Even having 404 errors on your page is a bad sign and can frustrate visitors.

Prepare for Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding your customers’ mindset and preparing answers to their most common questions can significantly improve their first impressions. This shows that you value what your customers think and are ready to assist them. It also builds trust, as customers will know they can rely on the FAQs to fill in gaps when they encounter information they don’t understand.


When you use a shocking or almost too-good-to-be-true statistic, make sure to link to your source! Otherwise, skeptics will have no way of knowing if you are being truthful and may start to doubt other aspects of your business. Transparency helps build credibility and trust with your bin cleaning clients.

Clear Methods of Contact

Sometimes, a customer just can’t seem to find the specific information they are looking for and wants to put their question in front of a bin cleaning expert. Ensure that it’s easy for customers to find how they can call, email, or visit your store. Providing clear contact methods enhances trust and shows you are accessible and willing to help.

If you think your bin cleaning website design needs a revamp or you want to discuss ideas with a team of website design experts, contact Clean Bin Marketing today. We’re here to help you create a user-friendly website that builds loyalty and trust with your customers.